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The Language


The common language in Calenta is Calenyen, although some ethnically Bitrani people still speak their mother tongue, also called Bitrani, at home.


The alphabet has a slightly complicated series of letters:


  • 14 that can begin a word:
    • 7 nonpalatalized, or “plain”: K, L, P, T, D, B, G,
    • 7 corresponding palatalized: ky, ly, py, ty, dy, by, gy
  • 10 that cannot begin a word (non-initial):
    • 5 plain: r, z, zh, m, n
    • 5 palatalized: ry, zy, zhy, my, ny
  • 4 non-initial consonants that arose in later days
    • 2 plain: v, s
    • 2 palatalized: vy, sy


  • 9 vowels
    • ai, i, aa, a, e, ie, u, o, oo
Grammar & Word Formation

Words begin only with the initial consonants or the vowels. Which set of letters the word begins with has meaning as to grammatical gender. Syllables are either (initial only) V, CVC (anywhere) or (ending) CV where c=consonant, v=vowel.
Male names tend to have more repetition and end with a cvc; female names tend to end with a cv.


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