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The Empress Edaledalende Academy of Higher Learning at Ileltedez consists of nine Houses, each with their own sigil, their own uniform colors, and, of course, their own tower.
The houses (by subject matter) are:

Kyokyoenet House (Kyoket): Martial

Colors: navy, orange-red, & red

Sigil: Sword

House Akaizepennen (Akaizen): Mechanics & Engineering

(formerly Pângirri)

Colors: grey, orange, & red

Sigil: wrench and calipers 

Estiessyaa House (Estyaa): Diplomacy & Law, Counting & Accounting

(formerly Temdyordor)

Colors: purple, cyan-teal, & bright red

Kaarson House: Economics & Agriculture

Colors: neutral brown, forest green, & grass green

Sigil: parsnip and goat horns 

Bapzhoom House: Bio-Med

(Formerly Beku)

Colors: periwinkle, light sky, & blue teal

Gepmingippai: (Geppai) Fashion & Textiles

Colors: goldenrod, fuchsia, & lime

Sigil: needle and loom

House Heikyoana (Heikya)Alchemy

Colors: silver-grey, turquoise, & cyan-blue

Sigil: alembic

Tyono House: The Arts

Colors: yellow-gold, cyan-green, & light indigo

Onadyano House (Onano): History and Language, Philosophy and Religion

(Formerly Tapryezas)

Colors: violet, scarlet,  & dark sky blue

Sigil: scroll and pen 

Uniforms by House, drawn by the Inventrix

Uniforms by House, drawn by the Inventrix


  1. Marina Brave says:

    How come the second color for Akazien is peach in the intro chapters and orange here…?

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