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Cast and Crew


The Main Cast

Tairiekie (TIE-ree-key), our protagonist
an incoming student to the Edally Academy, Tairiekie (“Taikie”) is an enthusiastic young woman with a generally good nature, a bent for adventure, and a rather high opinion of herself.  Full description here.  Tairiekie is in Engineering House.

Saydrie (SAY-dree), one of Tairiekie’s friends
another incoming student, Saydrie is from the far-southern tip of the continent, where the old traditions of the Bitrani people still hold sway. A shy and withdrawn kid, he can become animated when challenged, or when his friends need him.  Full description here.  Saydrie is in History House.

Work in progress: more to come!

Appearing in Chapter One

Empress Edaledalende (Ed-DAHL-led-DAHL-len-deh) (deceased), the person the school is named after

unnamed male student, in red, peach, and grey uniform, A tall boy with long braids

Azyeken (AHZ-zyek-ken), also in red, peach, and grey

Instructor Talmizhaab (TAIL-miz-zhahb)  problematic device maker (offstage)

Engineer Biemnyon-Dair (BYME (rhymes with time)-nyon(rhymes with tone), Taikie’s dad

Engineer Dairnikkindo-Biem (DIRE-nick-KIN-doe), Taikie’s mom

House Monitor Libkazaari – She was a stout woman with pure black braids done up in a complex style and clothing cut very close to her body, in so many colors it was hard to tell where one began and the other ended.

Engineer Akaizepennen (Akaizen) (Ah-KAIZ(like kaiser)-zep-pen-nen), MechE house name honoree, train developer

Appearing in Chapter Two



Ebusdiz (EH-bus-dizz) – an angry student, a tallish man with a short beard and light brown hair, dressed in a dull, muddy purple with a lot of rocky blue accents.

Kiegvadi (KEEG-vad-die) – an older Mechanics student

Kinyozhanya (KIN-nyose-zhannya(rhymes with Anna, Susanna), another 1st- year student


Lielbyim (LEEL-byim(rhymes with him)) –  a fourth year student at the Academy, and there to answer questions

Pyoter (PYOE-ter) – an obnoxious Alchemy student


Appearing in Chapter Three





Engineer Biemnyon-Dair

Engineer Dairnikkindo-Biem

Engineer Akaizepennen (Akaizen) (ah-KYE-zep-pen-nen, ah-KAI-zen) – MechE house name honoree, train developer

Unknown male student, “a short, too-slender boy wearing purple, red, and blue”

Fourth-year House Akaizen Pupil Gamzhyai – male, 4th year student in MechE house

Unknown male student – male, not-a-first-year-student “the boy who had almost barreled into her (Taikie) earlier. He was tall, for one thing, and darker than the norm here, with long hair for someone who was presumably still a pupil, braids nearly to his knees.”

Instructor Talmizhaab – problematic device maker

Appearing in Chapter Four




Gamzhyai (GAM-zhyai(rhymes with sigh))


Appearing in Interlude: In the Onadyano Tower Dorms

Saydrie (Zhadrie)

Taigmyor (Taig) (TIGE(beginning of tiger)-myor(rhymes with moor)) – Saydrie’s roommate
Pozhvetradov (Pozhdov) (POZH(rhymes with nose)-vet-rad-dove(past tense of dive)) – Saydrie’s other roommate

Appearing in Chapter Ten

Instructor Pelnyen (PEL-nyen(rhymes with pen))
Instructor Kaatetzie (COT-tet-zee) Basic Mechanics teacher

Enerenarie, mentioned
Dairdo (Tairiekie’s mother), mentioned
Philosopher Pyogreglievzyorpek (PYOE-greg-live-zyore-peck) – a famous philosopher, mentioned
Voltarno (VOLE-tar-no) – mentioned (Bitrani boy in Mechanics)
Ebusdiz (Eh-bus-disz)
Gaikvya (GUYK-vkyah) – Tairiekie’s roommate
Iesovyenyie (aye-SOVE-vyen-nyee)- Tairiekie’s roommate


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