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Interlude: A Letter


April 4, 2019 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

On preparing for the Treaty Meet

Bureaucrat Tolekora,

You told us that we would have a Grand Meeting of  people from all over the Nation in five weeks, and we told you what we would need.  We began the preparations with that understanding, that we had five weeks to prepare and other meetings in that time.

I am not sure if you are aware, but the Porrentallarie Building is used for many events throughout the year.  Some of these are quite small – on the order of a ten-person gathering that simply fits poorly in a city home – and some are quite large – a family gathering of all of those descended from a certain Kalokat, for instance.  Some of these have been working with the Porrentallarie staff for many generations and some are new. We treat every meeting as if it was of the utmost importance.

Which includes your meeting.  I understand that you have the right to requisition the space as an Imperial Bureaucrat.  I understand that your meeting is very important to you and to the county. However, the meetings that are held here – often by customers who actually pay us – are always very important to the people who are holding those meetings.

When you insisted the meeting must be moved up by two and a half weeks, you disrupted our entire timetable.  You not only disturbed the meetings that had been scheduled for that time, you made it nearly impossible for us to present your meeting as it was requested.

And yet, despite the fact that your meeting involved people from all over the nation, all of whom would be required to be notified – despite the fact that there was no way that we could provide for you the meals that you had originally ordered nor even the wall hangings you had asked for – you persisted in insisting that this change in date go forward.

Because you are holding the Imperial Seal and it is to be assumed that you speak with the will of the Emperor, in this case we did not balk.  I wish it to be very clear, however, that any failure in the staff in this event, any failure in the requests your originally made, any issue at all with the venue is down to your precipitous change of date.  While I was willing to clear the entire venue for your original meeting, for this change I have cleared only the space you have requisitioned. Please be aware that other events are occurring at the same time and that they are due all courtesy as paying customers.

Furthermore, short of a direct Imperial order from on high, we will no longer do business with you after this event.

Bureaucrat Tolekora, you must be aware that there is no excuse for this behavior.  We have had a wedding which had to have its date changed because of a funeral act in a more reasonable and thoughtful manner than you have.

With all due respect,

Organizer Kolotorra-Pal


Organizer Kolotorra-Pal,

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, and my thanks to everyone on your team who had to work even harder because of this abrupt change of time.  I fully understand your complaints and will pay as you wish in surcharges and penalties for the distress we have caused you.

Bureaucrat Tolekora


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