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Interlude: The Treaty Meet


February 14, 2019 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Private notes of Diplomat Kagininonon

It may have been better for everyone if this treaty had stayed buried.  

I do not know what’s going to come of it, but regardless of its actual legality, whether it was ever signed, and why it was hidden for so long – and in such purposeful ways; you cannot just think that it went missing or someone’s scribe put it in the wrong file, not with the portions of it being hidden this and there, not with the aether-marks hiding it from site – the mere existence of it is going to cause more headaches (and for me in particular) than I care to  consider.

When you add in all the questions about it, this thing is simply going to be a disaster, no matter which way the prevailing winds happen to be blowing.  And right now, they appear to be attempting to blow in at least three directions at once, which is doing nothing for the state of my nightmares.

The questions include:

  • Why was the blasted thing hidden?  And was it actually vanished on purpose, or was it hidden as part of a larger paperwork cover-up?  Such things have been known to happen, although in my experience, they more frequently lead to bonfires than to carefully-sewn-in folios in books of folktales.
  • If it was hidden on purpose, the Bitrani have a very legitimate complaint that they should have been given more land during the pre-conjunction era than they were, at least until the next land-grab war (which none of them will admit and perhaps none of us will either).  However irrelevant this complaint is in this day and age, when the Bitrani have no land at all, it’s going to be seen as the sort of thing they can use in negotiations. And they do seem to be aiming for negotiations
  • If it was lost, then we have the question of why was there a purge? What were they trying to hide that this treaty became tangled up with?  That mau open up the sort of lost-box-of-aether that none of us want to look at, such that “The Bitrani Want Land” might seem like a simple childrens’ squabble in comparison.
  • Either way, there is a suggestion of a border which was previously ignored. That opens several questions, including the Bitrani asking for more land – although they technically have no land, that isn’t going to stop them from asking it.
  • Finding this now, while the Bitrani are clamouring for a national identity that the Emperor and Empire would rather they didn’t have, is such poor timing I wonder how involved the Gods were.


  1. Rix Scaedu says:

    Does the good diplomat require more wine to help cope with this? Or no wine and a fast goat?

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