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Interlude 4


August 30, 2018 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

On Sira

From approx. 100 years after the separation (i.e., when the proto-Bitrani & proto-Calenyena were stranded on Reiassan by an abrupt weather-pattern change)

It is both quite understandable and somewhat lamentable that our ancestors, those who first came to this land (as it is said in the oldest writings, although the waters are impassible and there is no land route) took very little time to explore or to study the sira of this land.

The crumbled papers I have from earlier priests are very unclear on this, as they are on many matters, except the very distinct matters of hunger, of poor weather, of sudden frost, and of death.

But I have found enough notes to make me curious, and enough rumors that I have gone on a bit of a walkabout – in the warmest part of the year, I might add, and with my own two pack goats.

What I can ascertain is this:  The priests who took the time to write of sira (for there were not that many who were literate in that day and age, and of those, only the priests took the time to write things down) noted that the further you went from the towns and cities, the more wild the sira became.

I had never even heard of the concept of wild sira before I began this research, and so I delved into this with not a small amount of curiosity. The sira within the cities and the mined sira of the mountains is as you would expect – it moves as one suggests, it flows slowly when one calls on it but smoothly, and it does not touch one’s body or emotions unless one specifically invites it in – it is a polite house-guest, one might say.

On the other hand, the sira of the unsettled lands – once I had gone out there, with my pack goats and my grandfather’s tent – this is a thing to behold.  It’s like a billy goat that has not yet been introduced to the saddle or the bridle. It is like dropping your rowboat into a rapid when one was expecting a wide flat piece of stream.  It is like a windstorm in the middle of the coldest part of winter.

It is amazing, my friends.  It is the most impressive ride you will ever have in your life.

But be careful!  It does not stay clear of your own personal sira, the way that city sira does.  It will take over your thoughts. It will color your emotions and make your heart race.   It will make your body move in ways that you were not expecting. Once, it even made plants sprout from my braids and beard.  It is as it says – wild.

This of course, begs the question – why?  What is it about this sira makes it harder to tame and more likely to invade one?  What about it is so different that the sira in the cities?

My theory, such as it is, is that the humanic aether in large amounts actually changes and shapes the wild aether until it is no longer wild but the tame stuff that we know from our own lives.  As a sub-theory, I imagine that the aether around Bitrani cities is likely very different from that around Calenyen cities.

Of course, all of this will require considerably more research.  I look forward to visiting many more areas of the continent and noting the particular capabilities and personalities, if you forgive the affectation, of the sira there.

The trick, of course, will be to keep it from turning me into some sort of walking bush.


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