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Interlude 3


August 28, 2018 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Instructor Dainanan knew that she was more than able to hide in plain sight.  She had never been the most notable of students in her own school days, and now that she was an instructor, she found that students very often simply ignored her.  Basic Textiles, she supposed, was a subject that could be ignored both by Textiles-house students – who would already, presumably have a strong background in such things – and by the other students – who tended to assume that they would never need what she taught them.

She liked Saydrie, despite his Bitrani blood, and she liked his teammates, despite their habit of being anywhere except where they were supposed to be, because they listened.  She liked their friends, too, Riensin and Kekdela and Tesdes, because it seemed like being around Enerenarie and Tairiekie made them more likely to pay attention in her class.

All of these things meant that she was not surprised that she was overlooked, standing in a shadow as she moved between classes, when Instructor Tiemaktamiek began to berate Saydrie.

Nothing he was saying made any sense for Saydrie, but it wasn’t like it wasn’t things that Dainanan had seen before.  Getting your team to do your homework, leaning on your use of Calenyen as your second language to plead ignorance, just plain cheating.  She’d had more than a few students engage in any-and-all of those behaviors, and she found them all rather unappealing. She could see why Tiemaktamiek was annoyed –

-except that wasn’t the sort of student Saydrie was, at least in her experience.

She bit her lip and considered intervening.  She thought Tiemaktamiek had probably just had one of those mornings that make you see fault in everything.  He could have just woken up with his feet pointed the wrong way, and then seen something in Saydrie’s paper that reminded him of Taikie or Enrie.  He might have forgotten that when someone learned most of their conversational Calenyen from talking to two people, their written Calenyen would probably sound very similar to those people’s papers.  He might have just decides Saydrie had looked at him funny. None of those, of course, were good teaching, but they could be excused.

The the Ceveti Bitrani stepped up.  They were speaking urgently and quietly, but that didn’t keep Dainanan from hearing what they’d said.  Expulsion. She’d seen Cevati Bitrani expelled before; she’d seen lots of students expelled. The school was very difficult; it was assumed that many of the first-year students would not make it to graduation.

Was it true?  Were they risking their whole enclave being split up if they were expelled?

Dainanan hurried off to Libkazaari to ask her the truth of this.


  1. scm152 says:

    Oh, I like her. 🙂

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