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Interlude 2


August 16, 2018 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Editor’s note: This interlude was originally intended to post between Chapters 4 and 5.

Formation of the Bitrani Enclaves

It will be allowed for up to 22% of the Bitrani population (that number to be determined by those identified as Bitrani on the census) to live in what will hereafter be referred to as enclaves.

WIthin the enclave, Bitrani are allowed self-governance, including religion, law, and education (see sections 2, 3, and 5).

The enclaves shall be taxed as any other population (see section 6).

Each enclave shall be allowed to stand under the following qualifiers and at the discretion of the local Calenyen government:

  • They must contain their practice of Bitrani traditions within the enclave.  
  • They must follow all Calenyen law outside of the enclave.  Any question of law which crosses between the border between enclave and outside will be maintained by Calenyen law.
  • All members must speak sufficiently fluent Calenyen to be understood by, and to make themselves understood by, any Calenyen official.
  • They must not be found to in any way be fomenting rebellion, refusal of the rule of the Calenyen, or secession from the Empire of Calenta.
  • They must maintain good standing on their taxes (see section 6).
  • Their temples will be reviewed every three years by an appropriate priest chosen by the Calenyen review board.  While Bitrani teachings are allowed, heresy is not.
  • Each year, the children of the enclave shall be tested on Calenyen subjects, including mathematics, engineering, history, language, and strategy.  The test results must stay within established guidelines (see section 5).
  • Children from each enclave, when the appropriate age, will be selected on test results and interviews.  These children will be sent to one of the main Academies of Calenta (see section 5a) and must remain in good standing at this school.

Should an enclave fail to comply with any single item, they may be put on warning, or they may be dissolved.  If they are found to be out of compliance with two or more items, the enclave will be dissolved (see section 7).

If more than two enclaves are dissolved within a year or within a governmental region, the number of allowed enclaves will permanently be lowered.  If more than four are, the entirety of the Enclave Agreement is considered null and void and all enclaves will be dissolved immediately.

Section 1

Location of an Enclave

Priority for land shall be given to those villages, towns, and cities which consent to fall completely within Calenyen law; enclaves shall be allowed that space which is not needed by those Calenyen populations.  They are allowed to improve the land in any way which suits them, but they must understand that if a nearby Calenyen population expands such that it needs the land, the enclave will be relocated regardless of the improvements they  have made.

No enclave may be closer than a day’s walk to another enclave.   An enclave may be anywhere within the territory formerly held as Bithrain (See appendix 1) or within a day’s walk of the west coast of Reiassan or of Lannamer.

Population of an Enclave

Any given enclave shall have no more members than the average of the three nearest Calenyen settlements. Should a enclave reach a population larger than that of the average of the three nearest population centers, it has the choice of complete dissolution (See section 7) or the loss of 11% of its members, at the administrator’s choice, as they would be dispersed in a dissolution.

Section 7

Dissolution of an Enclave

In the event that an enclave is found to be out of compliance, agents of the Census will take responsibility for moving the members of said enclave to new locations.  No more than four members of any given enclave may be moved to the same city, and none may be moved within one day’s walk of an extant enclave. Communication of these former enclave members will be monitored for a period no less than nine years and up to the life of the members.


  1. Rix Scaedu says:

    Section 7 – if your Enclave is disssolved, too bad if your family has more than four members.

    • Gudy says:

      Yerp. This sounds like they wanted to make *really* sure that the enclaves would stay within the confines of the law. To no-one’s suprise, recent story developments suggest that those efforts were not 100% effective.

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