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Prelude: Tesdes


July 14, 2018 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Tesdes was doing his best to be invisible, which, he was finding, was harder than it had been before.

He had done a very good job of hiding in Kekla and Riensin’s rather bright shadows up until now.  But now, now it was getting trickier.

He found himself in the library, mostly because it was one place where people who wanted to know all about meeting the Voice of the Emperor would hesitate — probably because of the Imperial Bureaucrats all over the place.

Tesdes didn’t really want to talk to them, either, so he was wandering deeper and deeper into the old archives.

He took a stairway which had been half-covered-over by an addition some centuries ago, leaving it tricky to navigate, and found himself, with some squeezing, in front of a door labeled “outdated books 3: sira and spells.”

This — he should show this to Riensin and Enrie.  He should see if he was allowed here. He should see if the librarians even knew this place existed.

He tried the door. Unlocked.  He took a safety lamp from the hook by the door, lit it carefully, and walked in.

It was a small windowless room, unevenly shaped — he could see where the addition had cut off a corner — lined and filled with shelves and stacked haphazardly with books. 

The books and scrolls on the shelves were labelled roughly, but for the most part it looked like someone had just shoved books here and there.  Some were still in crates. Tesdes leaned down and picked one up, blowing off a century’s worth of dust.

Using Sira to affect sight: Illusions and Invisibility.

Tesdes found himself smiling.


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