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Prelude: Saydrie


June 28, 2018 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Saydrie went to pray.

This was not unusual, of course; he was in a strange place, surrounded by strangers, and strange things kept happening to him.  It said in all three of the books of the Three that one should seek solace in one’s knowledge of the Three when one was lost.

Saydrie wasn’t sure he was lost.  That was — well, that was part of the problem.  He didn’t know if it was him, or if it was the Calenyena, or if it was the other Cevati Bitrani… or someone entirely different, perhaps, who was lost and misleading other people.

So, a week after they returned from Lannamer, Saydrie went to the temple just outside the school.

He knelt by the shrine to Tienebrah first. He had always felt closest to the Deity of the Blue — water, and air, and knowledge.  “If I seek knowledge,” he asked, “what do I do when knowledge contradicts what is known, what is said to be true? What do I do when it contradicts those who want…”  Even in the temple, there were things he couldn’t say out loud. “-what I was raised to want?”

Tienebrah had no direct answer, but then again, the deities were not known to speak directly to people except in times of the utmost crisis.  Saydrie did not think this counted as utmost crisis.

He asked Reiassannon next, and then Veignevar, to whom he had the weakest connection. It was only at the red that he felt there was an answer.

He pricked his finger on the edge of a statue, something that should not have an edge, and considered the little dribble of blood that came out.  It was red. Taikie’s blood was red. The red god blessed them all the same, in fire and in blood.

That meant something, he thought.  He just wasn’t sure what yet.

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