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Prelude: Tairiekie


June 23, 2018 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Taikie was having trouble concentrating on her studies.

To be entirely accurate, she was having trouble concentrating on her assigned studies. She would be in the middle of a piece on Textiles and she would look for the code woven into the strands of the fabric; she would be talking about history in class and she would want to know if anything had been lost about this period.  The Martial class was the hardest, because she had started to see how everything went together, how one small nail out of place could ruin the whole campaign.

Only in Alchemy and Engineering could she focus, and in Engineering, she was constantly looking for new things she could do to solve problems that weren’t even problems.  How could she shake loose more data on humanic aether without risking Instructor Talmizhaab’s fate? What was alchemy trying to do, exactly?

This led to her sitting in a back corner of the Library, feeling as if she ought to be spending time with her friends, but instead reading up on aetheric cryptography.  She had intended to research their textiles homework, but she had seen another set of shelves, and from there, she had seen another set of books, and from there

She knew she was being silly.  The point, now, was to get the best grades possible in her classes.  The point was to not irritate any more professors, to pull grades her parents would be proud of, would be surprised by, even though they should always have known she was capable,and to not do anything to annoy House Monitor Libkazaari.

She flipped the page and started reading about painting in aether.

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  1. Rix Scaedu says:

    I could be worng, but it sounds a lot like her world view and/or her sense of self is evolving? Her mind certainly seems to be stretching.

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