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Prelude: Enerenarie


June 20, 2018 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

It wasn’t so much that her new job was vexing.  Enrie was honored to have been put in charge of the Imperial Bureaucrats searching the academy library, even if it left her little time for anything else. She enjoyed helping them find their way around the mess of the place, show them where things might have been stashed, and explain the sometimes-obscure systems used in different parts of the library for different types of subjects.

But one particular Imperial Bureaucrat seemed as if she thought it was beneath her to take orders from a student, and at every opportunity, would be either directly contradicting Enrie or looking for ways to trip her up.

Today, they were deep in the Treaties section and Enrie was showing where the missing treaties had, at one point, been, before Lirnilalie and Ilonilarrona had ransacked them.  “This section here,” Enrie was saying, gesturing towards a shelf now full of older treaties and papers.

“This,” Demiram complained, “is all information from long before the Coffee Treaty.”

“I know.”  Enrie was starting to have trouble sounding calm.  “But that is because the original papers were moved or stolen.”

“But if the original papers were moved or stolen, what are we looking for?”

“Presumably,” Enrie said, less patiently than she had thought she would be, “the things that Ilonilarrona and Lirnilalie missed because they are not historians.”

“But neither are we.  I went to school here, but that was all the history schooling I had.”

“Well, then.”  Enrie counted silently in her head.  “I believe all you will have to do is be more clever than the people who were, in a very hurried rush, trying to steal papers they did not know enough about.”

Personally, she was beginning to doubt that was possible.


  1. Rix Scaedu says:

    *hqappy dance*

  2. Gudy says:

    1) Yay, more Edally!
    2) Aww, poor Enrie once again having to deal with obstinate, stupid people.
    3) Yay for Enrie being her sarcastic self. 🙂

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