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Looking for Themed Edally Filler/Guest Stories: The Winter Festival


December 1, 2016 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Hello all,
I’m thinking of having a Winter Festival on Edally – that is, a week (or two) of guest fic covering Tienaabaa’s festival, the festival that takes place in midwinter.

Tienaabaa is the deity of the blue – mind, water, sky, cold. They are the deity of invention, of thinking, of philosophy. Their festival is at the coldest time of the year, and often involves showing off new creations or inventions, ice sculptures, snow castles (depending on your climate~) and feasting on stored foods, especially those that will only store through half the winter and not all of it (They’re practical people, the Calenyena). Gifts are hand-made in some way, never bought.

Is anyone interesting in writing a/several guest fics? Wordcount should be between 100 and 5,000 words, it should be set in Reiassan in the Edally era, and it should involve the Festival of Tienaabaa (Tienebrah).

Edited to add: Or art! Art of Enrie in a fur hat or Saydrie throwing snowballs or Disney princesses as Edally characters or or or or…

We’ll probably make this concurrent with our festival of winter, feasting, and cold, so the last week of December.

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