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Chapter 44b: How Quiet Can You Be?


September 28, 2016 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

“I would say that I don’t know why she suspects us,” Enrie hissed, “except that seems patently ridiculous, considering…”

“You know, she might just suspect us because we turned her daughter in for cheating,” Taikie pointed out. “She seems like the sort that thinks rules are for other people.”

Taikie could not have put more disdain in her voice if she’d said that Lady Ilonilarrona sounded like the sort that ate babies for breakfast with a side of priests and old people. Enrie found herself smiling.

“She does,” she agreed. They were hiding in a closet — an actual closet, this time — because they weren’t sure if they’d managed to lose Lady Ilonilarrona. It was a close fit, and Enrie had a broom handle sticking into her side in a very uncomfortable angle. “I wonder if she’s out there now.”

“…three hundred ninety-seven, three hundred ninety-eight,” Saydrie mumbled. He took over counting slowly on his fingers. “I think we should give it until five hundred or six hundred, to be safe.” He wrinkled his nose and kept counting silently.

They were so close. Enrie put her hand on the doorknob. It couldn’t hurt to look, could it? They just had to make it to a study room without Ilonilarrona following them. They could probably manage that without spending any more time in a closet.

“…Got to be down here. I don’t see how you can misplace students. By the Three, man, how could you lose them?”

That was definitely Ilonilarrona’s voice, and the shrill upturn was sounding more and more familiar. Enrie held as still as possible.

If Bitrani can sense aether, how do they play hide-and-find? It wasn’t a helpful thought, especially since it nearly made her giggle.

“I do not see anywhere it written or suggested that I should be in charge of finding students for an Associate Governor outside of her purview.”

Instructor Pelnyen? Any urge to laugh was gone, and Enrie bit back a gasp. They were in so much trouble…

“Listen to me, you annoying little man. I am looking for three students. An engineering Student. A diplomacy Student. And a Bitrani boy.”

“I know exactly who you’re looking for, Associate Governor. However, I didn’t see them, I’m not going to see them, and as I have already pointed out, it’s not my job to have seen them.” Pelnyen’s voice was fading, as if he was walking away. “What’s more, if you wanted my help, you shouldn’t have ransacked my office. Good day, Associate Governor.”

“What do you mean? Wait!” Her voice faded as well as they moved off into the distance. Enrie started counting. Five hundred. Maybe this time it would be safe.



  1. Rix Scaedu says:

    Pelnyen saw them and isn’t saying?

    So who did go through his office and leave a mess?

  2. K says:

    Okay. Pelyen on a different side than The Associate Governor.

  3. Dan Gudy says:

    Oooh, Lyona at her most charming! I think those two should hang out more often, if only because with quips like “I didn’t see them, I’m not going to see them, and as I have already pointed out, it’s not my job to have seen them” she obviously brings out the best in him. 😀

    OK, so how many parties are involved in this mess and who has ransacked Pelnyen’s office?

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