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Chapter 42A: and the Crowd Goes…


September 7, 2016 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

The Associate Governor made her way out of the first-years’ dorm with ill grace; unsurprising, as she did most things with ill grace.  Enrie shot a nervous look at Gianci, who had been wearing a solemn expression throughout the whole ordeal.

As soon as Ilonilarrona was past them, the expression cracked and he winked at her, a smile growing across his face.  “I’d ask if you wanted to go find another closet…”

“But we both need sleep before classes tomorrow.”  Enrie smiles back at him.  “If not for that…”

She trailed off as she realized exactly how much audience they still had; all of their dorm-mates were hooting and hollering at them, cheering them on.  Someone — probably Kivsi — started up the chant of kiss, kiss, kiss.

“The crowd has spoken,” Gianci declared solemnly, “and so we must.”  He leaned down and kissed Enrie.

It was entirely different, here in front of everyone, but Enrie stood on her toes and kissed him back anyway, her hands on the back of his neck and on his hip.  She didn’t know if Ilonilarrona was gone; she didn’t care.  It wasn’t as if she wasn’t doing exactly what she had said they’d been doing, after all.

The cheering turned into wolf whistles and shouts the longer the kiss went on.  When it finally died down, Gianci took a step back, his hand still resting on Enrie’s hip.  “Us and stairways,” he murmured.

Enrie glanced down the stairs; Ilonilarrona was gone.  She looked back up the stairs; Kivsi was bowing deeply.

“My hat’s off to the two of you.  Now, shall we leave you to it, or will you come upstairs and tell us why the Associate Governor was up here rifling through your stuff?”

Enrie sighed.  She took the last few steps up into the dorm common room reluctantly.  “She thinks we have something she wants.  She’s going to a great deal of effort to keep it covered up, and she thinks we’re in her way.”

“Why does she think you have it?”  Dozhodo plopped down in the best chair, nearest the fireplace, and regarded Enrie and Gianci from that vantage point.  She was a slim, pointy girl — nose, chin, elbows — and people in their dorm tended to do what she said.

Enrie considered her answer carefully.  They would reveal everything… eventually.  She didn’t want to say anything now that would make her look like a liar then.  And at the same time…  Her eyes lit on Lovdyo, who was doing his best to be invisible.

Kivsi caught it.  His face went dark.  “Aww, no.  She didn’t, did she?”  He turned to look at his roommate in concern.

“She just kept asking questions,” Lovdyo whispered.  “And I had to give her an answer, or she wouldn’t go away.  And she kept yelling at me.”

The whole common room was murmuring now.  Even Dozhodo was looking dark and angry.

“She can’t just do that to our own. She can’t.  Enrie, Gianci… if you’re standing up to her…”

“We’re all standing up to her,” Kivsi agreed.


  1. K says:

    Browbeating freshmen doesn’t win friends.
    Browbeating freshmen diplomats wins you enemies.

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