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Chapter 36C: Learning to Swim


July 15, 2016 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Due to a *cough* scheduling error, you get two chapters today.  Please make sure you’ve read Chapter 36B first

“So,” Saydrie cleared his throat.  “Sorry about that, Stable-Master Korten.  I’m not sure…”

“Your friend there, that’s not an entirely unreasonable reaction.  Lirnilalie is not the sort of person you want to get into a mess-up with. She’s strong, she’s determined, and she’s… well.  Nobody’s ever proven anything, but there are definitely stories.  Be careful, kids.”  He frowned down at them.  “I would tell you that you were in over your heads, but that’s how Edally teaches you to swim.”

Enrie swallowed again. “Guys…”

“Don’t even say it.” Taikie glared at her.  “You said it.  We cover everything up around here.  There’s whole parts of history you only know because they’re family tales.  That’s not a way to learn.  It’s not a way to teach.”

“It could shake everything up,” Saydrie mused.  “You know that.  But I don’t think… I don’t think it’s going to end the world.”

“I hope not.  I don’t think we get to graduate if the world ends.”  Taikie’s smile was faint, but it looked like she was trying to play along.  “We’ve always known we were going to upset people.  Now we have names.”

“She’s got to be smarter than Ilonilarrona,” Enrie mused.  She ducked her head as she realized Stable-Master Korten was still standing there.  “Sir!  I…”

“Clearly we are not training to be spies,” Saydrie muttered.  He was turning an interesting shade of red.

The Stable-Master laughed.  “It’s an interesting life you three are managing.  How do you get your classwork done?”

“Sometimes by not sleeping,” Enrie admitted.  “Oh! Oh, no, the paper on teamwork…”

Korten snorted.  “Someone assigned a paper on teamwork to the three of you?

“To our entire class.  The dangers of Teamwork.” Enrie smiled crookedly.  “Instructor Pelnyen does not like us, and he does not like our teamwork.  I am somehow not surprised, but it does mean we get strange homework.”

“The dangers of teamwork?” Korten snarled.  “Someone needs to give that man a long vacation somewhere salty and warm.”

“I do not think the Bitrani in the south would like him,” Saydrie offered.

Korten laughed.  “That’s the point, my lad, that’s the point.  Well, he’s an idiot and you’ll only have to deal with him this year.  He may teach other classes, but they’re all for Onadyano House students only… oh.  Sorry, son.  Well, perhaps your track won’t involve him much?”

“We just have to get through this year first,” Saydrie said firmly.  “Which means, I suppose, that we have to deal with this Lirnilalie first.  So… we know why we want the… thing.  Why does she want it?”

“I guess that’s what we’re going to have to figure out.”  Enrie wrinkled her nose.  “Um.  You said she is staying in Dornen Tower?”

“She is.  But be careful.  Your friend may have been a little melodramatic… but she is not wrong about what Lirnilalie will do.”

“What about their other friend?  The man?”

Korten frowned.  “There is no man with them, just the two women.”

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  1. Rix Scaedu says:

    So either someone who is staying elsewhere or someone who belongs here…

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