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Chapter 33B: Not starting fights, but ending them


June 15, 2016 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

House Monitor Libkazaari’s office was open and, thankfully, there was nobody there except the House Monitor.  Enrie knocked on the open door and waited until Libkazaari looked up.

The frown that crossed Libkazaari’s face made Enrie worry.  “Enerenarie, Tairiekie, Saydrie.  I believe I should give the three of you seats in my office, you so often grace the door.”

“I apologize, House Monitor.  I don’t mean to be trouble — none of us do.”

“And yet it seems to follow you like a hungry goat.  Tell me, what can I do for you today?”

Enrie hesitated.  “May I close the door?”

Libkazaari raised her eyebrows.  “Of course.”

Enrie closed the door and stood for a second before she caught her breath.  “Has Ulunumani come to see you, House Monitor?”

“Not in several weeks, no.  Have you started another fight?”

“No.  Well, that is to say, none of the three of us have thrown any punches.”  She should have stuck with no, but something made her want to be honest now.  “I think Ulunumani might think we’ve started a fight, but if that’s the case, we started it with Olimmosamyimosama.”

“Enerenarie, you’re talking in circles,” Libkazaari scolded.  “What did you do?”

“It’s not what she did, House Monitor!” Taikie looked worried.  Enrie couldn’t really blame her. “It’s what Ulunumani and Olisama and the rest did!”

Saydrie cleared his throat.  “Cheated.”

“You have proof?”

“She admitted it to us in front of witnesses.  I suggested,’ Enrie cleared her throat, but it had technically been a suggestion, “that she should come and talk to you about the matter and be honest and direct about it, as…” she trailed off, feeling a little pompous.

“…as befits a member of the royal family,” Saydrie offered. Enrie shot him a grateful smile.

“Hence why you asked if she had come to see me.”  Libkazaari nodded slowly.  “So, this mess with Instructor Kaasmasik—”

“Why is he back teaching?” Tairiekie interrupted.

Libkazaari cleared her throat.  “This problem with Kaasmasik, this goes further than Olimmosamyimosama and, ah, his attempts with you?”

“The impression I was given was that it was endemic and, ah, sponsored or sanctioned by their parents.” Enrie twisted her lips.  “And, before you ask, no.  This has nothing to do with my parents being lower-ranking than theirs.”

“Than Ulunumani, perhaps, in a matter of finagling bureaucracy, I suppose.  Certainly not Olimmosamyimosama’s.  The question is, then, do you believe Ulunumani could be brought to confess and implicate Instructor Kaasmasik?”

“What, is Enrie’s word not good enough?” Taikie glared.

“At the moment, it is Enerenarie’s word against Olimmosamyimosama’s and Kaasmasik’s.”  Libkazaari folded her hands on the desk and looked at the three of them.  “Here’s the problem. I believe you.  It’s not the first time this has happened, and we work hard to nip such things in the bud.  Right now, the Instructor has been let off with a warning — because we know he did it, he knows we know it, and, considering Olimmosamyimosama, the students in question probably all know he did it.”  She frowned.  “Maybe…”  A light seemed to brighten her expression.  “I may have an idea.  I’ll talk to Ulunumani.”  The smile faded and she gave them each a firm look.  “And you three focus on your studies.”

Enrie swallowed.  “Yes, House Monitor.”


  1. Rix Scaedu says:

    Diplomacy, History and Engineering?

  2. Marina Brave says:

    No one’s gonna tell the House Monitor about the random noble lady accosting them in the lunchroom? And the House Monitor doesn’t seem to know? You gotta do a better job Monitoring, lady.

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