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This month’s Patreon theme is Reiassan!


June 8, 2016 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Always wanted to read about the back-story of Edally?  Interested in what’s happening off-screen?  Want to know about one of those unpronounceable Emperors or Empresses?

This month’s theme on my Patreon is Reiassan, all things Reissan, Bitrani, Calenyena…


…all things about aether and/or sira, about the Traitor Emperor and the Tea War…

Pledge $5/month and prompt a story!  Pledge $1/month and read all the stories.

If this is your first time prompting, I will write to one of your prompts.

(Yes, this means if you convince enough people to pledge & prompt, everyone gets more than the normal 3-stories-and-a-serial this month).

Bonus:  If my Patreon reaches the next funding threshold ($70), there will be extra content on Sunday!

The last time this came up as a theme was August 2014, and I wrote:

Other Soldiers, Other Fates

A Hero of Reiassan

Icons by djinni (1st & last 2), inventrix (3rd), itsamellama (4th) and ev1ct-cm 

(Monday’s chapter will go up with today’s later today.  Apologies as always for the delay).


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