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Chapter 31C: Support


June 1, 2016 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Enrie coughed and looked away.  Saydrie cleared his throat.  “Ah.  Um.  That is… Well.  Taikie, we were trying to be overheard, so nobody questioned why we were in the hall, or thought Enrie had been…”

“No, I know that.”  Taikie huffed.  “I know I’m a little naive but I followed that part all right. I meant… what if someone from the school overheard you?  Like Gianci?”

Enrie swallowed.  “Gianci…”

“I don’t think…” Saydrie said slowly… “I didn’t see anyone else in the hallway.  I was looking.  And does Gianci speak Bitrani?”

Enrie let out a breath.  “No.  No, he doesn’t. We, uh.  Well, when I thought he was Cevati Bitrani…”

“Everyone does, Enrie; he looks the part. It’s all right.  I’m sure he wasn’t offended.”

“Not by that,” Enrie muttered.  “All right.  We can’t get the papers out of Pelnyen’s office, so we have to see what’s left in the library.”  She’d said that already.  She sighed and tried again.  “I mean… well.  I guess we have to go down there.”

“Maybe we can try the office again?” Taikie offered.  “He had a lot of interesting papers there, after all.”

“Well, there’s no guarantee that someone else won’t be pilfering it if we go back.  Or that Instructor Pelnyen won’t catch us.”  She sighed again.  “We’re going to be up to our necks in papers, already.  Well,” she tried, aiming for cheer, “at least we have an excuse to be in the library together.  Not that we needed one.”  Enrie stretched slowly in the cramped place.  “I guess… I guess we should go do that.”

Taikie frowned.  “Enrie, what’s wrong?”

Enrie echoed the expression.  What was wrong.  “I got spooked, I guess.  There are a lot of things we’re doing that make perfect sense as a whole — but then you look at parts and we look like trouble-making hoodlums.”

“Well, if you ask Pelnyen, that’s what we are anyway.  And besides,” Taikie dropped her voice, despite their privacy, “the parts that make sense, Enrie, those make us look pretty close to planning treason.  I’m not sure being a hoodlum is worse than that, even for me.”

Enrie swallowed.  “This is… this is true.  I’m being silly, I’m sorry.”

“I’d be scared, too, if someone had nearly caught me.  You’re pretty brave.”

Enrie managed a smile this time.  “This from the girl who climbed up the side of a tower to put a goat up there?”

“Well, there’s brave and then there’s brave?  Climbing up that thing was, it was just a mountain.  These are people.”

“People can be pretty frightening,” Enrie allowed, “though I think I’d be more worried by the mountain.  All right.”  She couldn’t stand up decisively in the small space the cupola allowed, so she slid down onto the staircase instead.  “We manage dinner first.  And then… then the Library.  And tomorrow,” she wrinkled her nose, “we talk to the House Monitor about Ulunumani.”

She didn’t like the way she felt, like even stepping out of the broom-closet exit to the cupola staircase was dangerous.  It wasn’t like they’d even gotten caught.  But somehow, she was still twitchy and nervous the whole way to the Dining Hall.

And there… there it felt like everyone was looking at her.  They’d made their share of enemies already, hadn’t they?  Cevati Bitrani, the cheating royalty…

“I’m sorry.”  She hadn’t even noticed Lovdyo there until he whispered at her.  “I’m sorry… it’s just they wouldn’t stop asking…”


  1. Rix Scaedu says:

    So, what did he tell them and who are they?

  2. Marina Brave says:

    Ahh, good point, Taikie. Lovdyo, what you do.

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