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Chapter 30A: On their own


May 18, 2016 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

“So… what do we do?”  Taikie hissed her question under the noise of the dining hall; it seemed like, as momentous as that had felt to Enrie, nobody else had noticed.

“We give her a day and a night to decide.  And… when she decides that she doesn’t want to turn herself in, we take it to House Monitor Libkazaari.  She admitted to it, after all.  She claimed immunity that doesn’t exist, but she admitted it.”

“But what about her mother?  What about her friend’s parents?  Can’t they cause trouble?”

“Let them.” Enrie wished she felt as strong as she managed to sound.  “What can they do?  Scream and whine that their children were involved in cheating and got caught?  That only hauls everything into the open.”  She swallowed.  She wondered how diplomatic her parents would think this was. “In the meantime, we can do a little digging and a little sleuthing. I’m sure we can find something — maybe several somethings.”

“We could enlist Riensin,” Saydrie offered.  “He seemed good at the ‘digging’ last time.”

“No!” Taikie wrinkled her nose.  “No, no.  We’re not ‘enlisting’ Riensin in anything.”

“I just thought…”

“He can go off with his ridiculous twin and leave us alone!”

…was she still worried about that joke they’d made in the Library?  Enrie coughed.  “Well.  He’s probably going to have lunch with us, but we don’t have to involve him in our ‘digging.’  Besides, the first digging we have to do is in the library.  We’ve still got some looking to do there, and I’ll have to do some looking in my notes, too.”

“What, that paper Kaasmasik gave you?”  Kekdela was walking alongside them all of a sudden.  “That wasn’t fair at all, was it?”

Enrie had forgotten all about the paper. “No, but I suspect that being fair is the least of the Instructor’s concerns when it comes to me.  He wants to prove a point.”

“He doesn’t have a point.”  Kekdela wrinkled her nose.  “All he has is a ridiculous amount of sulk.  He’s been picking on you all year.  I know!” She lit up.  “We should do something like we did to Pelnyen, except–”

“No!”  Enrie flushed.  “I mean, I’m sorry… no.  We really shouldn’t.  The problem isn’t, well, it’s not something that we can fix by just making the instructor unhappy. Unless we could somehow write something on cheating… no.  Not for Biologic Systems.”

Kekdela sulked.  “Well, I mean, if you don’t want our help…”

“It’s not–” Enrie started.

“It’s something we really ought to deal with as a team,” Taikie interrupted.  “We’ll be fine.  We just need to handle it.”

Enrie tried to interject, but Kekdela’s sulk had already gotten worse.  “Well, then.  I’m sure the three of you will be just fine on your own.”  She stomped off, grabbing Riensin and Tesdes and bodily dragging them away from their normal lunch table.

Enrie sighed.  “We didn’t–”

“We don’t need their help.”  Taikie jutted out her jaw. “We can handle this better on our own.”


  1. AVR says:

    Now that’s where being undiplomatic hurts – not so much how you deal with your enemies as with your allies.

  2. Marina Brave says:

    Aww, allies would be so helpful right now.

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