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Chapter 23B: Who Speaks for Their Idiots?


February 24, 2016 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Piadro barely spared Falivia a glance.  He took another step towards Olisama, who had raised her chin and was very clearly about to start in on another rant of one sort or another.

Enrie looked at the Bitrani woman.  They could let this go, or…

“Clearly,” Falivia continued, “every group, no matter how different otherwise, has its similarities.  I’ve found it interesting how identical, for instance, a Bitrani and a Cālenyena are when you open them up.”

Ah, yes, she was in Medical House.  Enrie smiled at the girl, wondering if they might find some common ground.  “I’ve found something similar.”  She tapped her temple and then her chest.  “The clothing we put on the motivations might be very different, but the motivations themselves aren’t all that dissimilar.”

Olisama spared her a glance.   “What are you going on about now?”

“Every group has its idiots,” Falivia explained.

“Who are you calling an idiot, you bland, muddy, cheese-faced refugee from a miserable little speck of a nation?”

“I can’t see why she’s not in Diplomacy House,” Riensin muttered out of the side of his mouth..  “She’s so polite and tactful and genteel.”

“Don’t forget graceful and sweet and eloquent,” Kekdela put in.

“Who asked you, you sandy lot of useless ocean-rats?”

“Oh,” Piedro muttered, “she really is that awful to everyone.”

“I am polite to those that deserve it.”  Olisama stamped her foot, which really didn’t do anything to make her look gracious or regal.  “Which is clearly none of you.”

“No?”  Falivia raised her eyebrows.  “I’d think if you value your royal lineage so much, you’d value other lineages, too.”

“You already think I’m an idiot, what do you care?”

“I said that every group had its idiots.  That is all I said.”

“She was probably talking about me,” Piadro laughed.

“And you’re fine with that?  What kind of moron are you?”

Piadro’s smile vanished.  Enrie took a step forward, just as Falivia did the same.  “I think it behooves all of us to break this up.  We’ve been glaring at each other for a while now and if we keep it up, the teachers are bound to get interested.  Olimmosamyimosama, I don’t think you want the teachers to be looking too closely at you right this moment, do you?”

Olisama looked like she wanted to argue, but she took a step backwards.  “Considering the mess you’ve made,” she sneered, “no, I bet we don’t really want them getting involved at all.”

“Close enough.  Piadro?”  She shifted into Bitrani and tried to make sure she didn’t slip up her idiom.  “Do you want the staff looking too hard at the Cevati Bitrani right now?”

“What do you know about–” He fell quiet as Falivia jammed an elbow in his side.  “No,” he continued in Bitrani, sounding rueful and a little pained.  “No, I do not want the teachers looking too hard at my people right now.”


  1. tuftears says:

    Enrie gains 100 XP in Diplomacy!
    Enrie has leveled up in Diplomacy!
    Enrie’s Diplomacy rank is now Speaker To Monkeys.

  2. Rix Scaedu says:

    I wonder if Falivia’s lineage comment means that if you go back far enough, there’s a connection by marriage in there somewhere? *scuffs toes idly in
    the dust*

  3. Marina Brave says:

    Oli needs remedial “how to noble” classes…

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