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Chapter 17B: History is Written by the Winners


January 4, 2016 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

It felt like dropping chains off of herself, walking off, leaving Olisama complaining and Kagnyaa commiserating.  Enrie found her back a little straighter as she headed off – in the direction of Biologic Systems, of course, at least until she was well out of sight – and a smile coming over her face.

“Proper royal behavior,” she snorted quietly.  She wondered if Olisama was even passing her history classes.

History.  The smirk slid off her face and Enrie swallowed.  If she was going to skip class, well, it wouldn’t hurt anything if she went to the library, would it?  She didn’t want to get Saydrie in trouble, of course, but if she was just looking on her own… Well, it was obvious he wasn’t helping her.  He’d be in Biologic Systems.

That just made the lump in her throat worse.  She didn’t like that she was leaving Saydrie and Taikie to deal with Instructor Kaasmasik on their own.  He hadn’t done anything direct and neither of them had mentioned any trouble, but still…

“Coward,” she muttered to herself.  It was not too late.  If she hurried, she could be almost on time and blame the lateness on Olisama.   If she hurried, she could see how badly she’d messed up on the test, and see what new trap Instructor Kaasmasik had for her.

“Coward,” she repeated, a little more angrily.  She should go to class.  She should face up to the Instructor…

…who thought so little of her he was encouraging cheating.  Enrie jutted her chin out and kept going towards the Library.  There were tears welling in her eyes.  She was going to have a hard time explaining this to Taikie and Saydrie; she didn’t want to even mention what she thought Kaasmasik had done.  It was too horrible.  It could ruin Taikie’s impression of the school…

Some cynical part of Enrie’s mind pointed out that Taikie had already dealt with Pelnyen and his irrational hatred of her and all things Engineering, and that Taikie had also handled a fellow student killing another Instructor and bludgeoning Taikie herself over the head.  Was she doing this for Taikie?  Or was she afraid they’d think she’d cheated – or worse, that she should have cheated?  The teacher had been offering it up on a silver platter…

Forget Olisama’s ideas of what royalty did and did not do, you did not cheat.  You might make certain you had an advantage, but that was in battle.  Or in debate.  Possibly in long-term treaty negotiations, and it was still not the same as cheating.

And you certainly did not cheat in a place where you were proving your worth as a royal and a citizen.  There were names for that sort of person.  They started with fraud and ended up with executed for treason.

“Coward.”  She really should be talking to the House Monitor about this.  She really ought to be doing that after sitting through Kaasmasik’s class to be sure he wasn’t doing more of the same.  She really ought to.

She headed up the stairs into the Library.


  1. Rix Scaedu says:

    Oh dear.

  2. Dan Gudy says:

    She’s good at convincing other people. Not so good at convincing herself, apparently. 😛

  3. Marina Brave says:

    They never are going to learn to bring matters to the official people, are they. Poor En. I hadn’t thought about the way she’d take that treatment…

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