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Interlude: Tairiekie (Part I)


October 9, 2015 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Taikie hadn’t meant to follow Saydrie.

She had intended on going to the Engineering Library.  She had some theories about humanic aether and she couldn’t very well work on them when her team-mates were around.  Not with the way that any discussion of it made Enrie mad and Saydrie worried.

But Enrie had been distracted lately, probably because of this idea of Riensin’s.  And Saydrie had been spending a lot of time away from the team as well, talking with Darnio and the other Bitrani students.  It was almost enough to make Taikie feel left out, if she hadn’t been doing her best to get some private time of her own; time to maybe work on a new Device.

She had plans dancing in her head and notes tucked in the pocket of her work apron as she headed off to the Engineering Library.  If she could build a machine – nothing like the thing that Enrie insisted on calling the Tea Engine and certainly nothing like poor Instructor Talmizhaab’s’s Device, but something that could simply measure all aether  she’d be retreading old, safe ground.  But starting out from a known path was the safest way to get to new heights.   She just needed to –

The sounds of conversation made her duck into a room.  It wasn’t that she wasn’t supposed to be here, not really, but she really wanted some time to herself to work on her projects, and she wasn’t going to get that at all if she got embroiled in conversation.

The people were almost on her when she realized they were speaking in another language.  If she listened really hard, she could guess that it was probably Bitrani, although her ear for languages wasn’t nearly what Enrie’s was.

Her ear for voices was pretty good, however, and that was definitely Saydrie’s voice.  He’d said he was going to meet with friends today.  Why were he and his friends meeting in the Engineering building?


  1. Rix Scaedu says:

    Is one of them an Engineer?

    That would be the innocent explanation. 🙂

  2. Marina Brave says:

    “talking with Darnio and the other Bitrani students.” – you mean, other student? It was indicated before that there’s only 3 Bitrani in the school.

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