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Interlude: Careers After Edally


October 2, 2015 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Edally Academy and the other six schools of its sort were built for many purposes, not the least of which was to promulgate a consistent narrative about Calenta and its culture throughout the entire continent. The schools’ more commonly spoken-of goal, however, is to train up professionals in many fields.

The Calenyena people value and have always valued the skilled trades; as such, their schools focus on trades that are needed, useful, and require broad and long training.

A graduate of Akaizepennen house, for instance, can expect to become an Engineer, which is a title the way “Doctor” is in modern-day America. This includes a great deal of mechanical engineering, architecture, device-building, city planning, and bridge-building.

Someone from Kaarson House will become an Economist or Farmer, either running a trading house or trading route, working for the government to help with taxes, aid, and budgeting, or working to milk the most sustenance out of Reisasan’s rocky, uneven, unforgiving soil.

(To become a Farmer, as with many of the other trades, one could also apprentice to a Farmer and work one’s way up. The appeal of the Academies is not that they are a better way to learn, but a broader way, and that they help build connections all over the continent.)

Each House has its own career track, some broader than others, often representing a shift in the world since the Houses were formed. Estiessyaa House, for instance, now spans much more than censuses and embassies — yet at the same time, there are no nations to be diplomatic with; the Calenyen Empire spans everything they can see or reach. Kyokyoenet House – Martial and War – is far more focused on policing and on martial theory than it once was, when war was an imminent possibility.

Despite the focus on career tracks, there is often crossover: someone might enjoy textiles and cloth but have come up through Estiessyaa House and end up marketing and selling fine clothing. Someone might have spent their time in Tyono House learning the Arts but end up a fine diplomat who knows what any target’s choice in artwork might say about them.

Whatever the specific track, those who manage to graduate from Edally – and many don’t make it that far – will have earned their title as a professional, and the higher income and status that come with it.


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