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Interlude: A Brief History of the Empress Edaledalende Academy of Higher Learning at Ileltedez


October 15, 2014 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

The Edally Academy was built in one of the so-called Empirates of Peace. The Emperor Elareltiendol was a scholarly, thoughtful man, allowed to be so in part because his grandmother, the previous Empress, had thoroughly devastated all of their enemies. The nation would have decades to rest while those foes caught their metaphorical breath.

Ileltedez was one of seven cities chosen for the honor of hosting an academy; only three of those original seven still stand.1

The Emperor named all of the schools after his ancestors, but Edaledalende received the dubious honor of being named after Elareltiendol’s direct grandmother and predecessor. As such, the school has always had a martial bent to it, even when it is doing its best to blend in with the rare Empirates of Peace.

The school was originally formed in 740 R with one tower, but was later rebuilt as three and then nine towers as it expanded. It originally housed a very small number of students – nine per year – and almost all of those from Ileltedez and the cities directly to the north and south of it.

Indeed, part of the placement of the school was to be near but not within the Arran Cities: the three-metropolis grouping midway down the coast. The Arran Cities, both in 740 and in the “modern” 1650 R, retain elements of the culture of their founders, an unknown nation referred to only as Ara. The proximity of the school brought in many students from that region, helping to promulgate the ideas that Emperor Elareltiendol – and later his successors – wished to enforce.

This purpose of propaganda has thus always been a part of the school. A thousand years later, the Emperor’s Offices of Education use Edally and the other Academies to ensure an even spread of certain ideas, even to the farthest reaches of the continent.


[1] Others were built in later years, bringing the total back to six in the era of this story.
[2] Years are counted here from R, the discovery of Reiassan, for convenience’s sake. The Calenyena count from the founding of their first Empire here, the Bitrani from their last dynasty.


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