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Interlude: From the Stables to the Home


September 16, 2014 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

“Late evening.” Korten’s wife greeted him at the door with a warm, damp towel and a smile.

“Ah, yes.” He took the towel and started with his face, scrubbing off the accumulated grit of a day in the Academy’s stables. “I have a new set of stable-dwellers  and I wanted to be certain they were what they looked like.” He draped the towel over his head long enough to undo the buttons on his shirt while Lordidaa’s more nimble fingers worked over the buttons on his pants.

“And what did they look like?”

“A Bitri boy, a royal girl, and a real seat-in-the-saddle sort. Studying.” Korten shook his head. “Smart kids. Of course.”

“A Bitrani, a royal… ah. Yes. Tiebkieb has them in his Introduction to Textiles class. He seems pleased with them.” Lordidaa tsked over Korten’s pants. “I don’t know why I bother embroidering your pants if you’re just going to roll in goat shit.”

“I don’t roll in it, love. It’s just that they roll on me.” It was an old argument, more a joke by this time than anything that held sting. “Am I clean enough to enter the apartment yet?”

“You’re the one that will have to face Tigvaal, not I.” Their house-cleaner was a terror when anything was out of place – and with Lordidaa teaching in Textiles House and Korten working in the stables, everything was always out of place. “Do you think you’re clean enough?” She picked up the towel, a wicked look in her eye.

“Oh, hrrrm. I think there’s a bit of dirt still – ” He trailed off, laughing, as she attacked him with the towel.

This story was written to Capriox Bovidae’s request, as a trade for her work in listing the cast of Edally, as requested here.

There are still quite a few chapters whose casts have not been listed, if you want more, or you could commission more words via Paypal at $2/100 words. 


  1. capriox says:


    <3 <3 <3

    "a real seat-in-the-saddle sort" <3

    And everything about the relationship between these two. <3

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