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Interlude: A New Look at History


September 9, 2014 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

“Instructor Pelnyen is feeling under-the-stables.” The woman in the front of the class was short, made shorter-looking by the poof of the skirts she was wearing and the equally poofy jackets, with braids gone steel-and-ice coiled around her head like a hat. “I am Instructor Emeritus Taablessa, and I am going to guest-lecture today.”

Saydrie, being uncharacteristically brave, leaned over to whisper to Tairiekie. “She spends a lot of time in Onano House, usually helping the older students with their final projects.”

Tairiekie nodded. The woman looked friendly – she looked like a grandmother, or like the sort of woman that sometimes taught the very young students. More importantly, she was not Instructor Pelnyen.

“You’ve all heard the story of Princess Arinyanka and Prince Girey – every school-child has. And you’ve all learned about the Bitrani Peace Treaty, and the Mistake Skirmish of two years later. That’s basic history, and you would not have gotten into the Empress Edaledalende Academy without it.”

Tairiekie waited, her pen hovering over her notes. Of course she knew about the Bitrani Peace Treaty; of course she knew the story of Princess Arinyanka and Prince Girey. It was one of the most romantic tales in her history book!

“Today, I am going to give you the briefest introduction of another way of looking at history. Dates and events give you an overview of history. You can learn the most obvious whys that way, as well as the who and when.

Instructor Taablessa looked around the room, catching the gaze of each of them in turn. “But it takes more than a series of dates to learn the real truth about history.”

This story was written to Rix Scaedu’s request, as a trade for her work in listing the cast of Edally, as requested here.

There are still quite a few chapters whose casts have not been listed, if you want more, or you could commission more words via Paypal at $2/100 words. 

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